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CREDIBLED Identity verification services can help you feel confident about the identities of the people you’re hiring.

Our innovative solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern recruiters, providing fast, accurate, and reliable verification.

Comprehensive ID Verification Checks

Credibled is committed to providing comprehensive ID verification as part of our criminal Record checks to improve your hiring process. Our ID verification process confirms essential details such as name, date of birth, and address, while our criminal background checks offer an in-depth review of an individual’s history.

we access a wide range of information, ensuring our checks are both thorough and accurate. This meticulous approach helps mitigate hiring risks, ensuring your new hires are exactly who they claim to be. Trust Credibled for precise and reliable ID verification, allowing you to build your team on a strong foundation of trust and security.

Hire the Right Candidates
Instantly, Every Time.

Dive confidently into the global talent pool.

With Credibled, you can authenticate 13,500+ identity documents, including passports, driver’s licenses, and ID cards, in both Latin and non-Latin alphabets.

Trust in who you hire.

Credibled ensures that every new hire is exactly who they claim to be, providing you with the confidence needed to make the right hiring decisions.

Automatically address
identity gaps.

Over 50% of job applications contain inaccuracies, which can be costly. Credibled reduces your risk by verifying candidates before screening.

Why Choose CREDIBLED for Identity Verification Services?

CREDIBLED offers a comprehensive range of services to validate candidates’ identity information around the world and help you comply with employment eligibility verification requirements. Our services are available no matter where your candidates were born, lived, worked, and will be working. These include:

Global ID Check

Validates all international passports and more than 115 national identity documents, with results available within one day for all passports and national identity documents with Machine Readable Zones.

I-9 Solution

Our easy, efficient online solution helps you support your compliance with U.S. employment eligibility verification requirements.

Social Security
Number Checks

Helps you meet a variety of screening requirements with multiple options for validating U.S. identity.

Global Right to
Work Documentation

Supports your Right to Work assessments by confirming key information on a candidate’s right to work documents around the world.

Benefits of Using
Credibled’s ID Verification

Identity Types

Screen candidates all over the world.

less than 30 Seconds to Verify

Get to know your next hire in an instant.

135+ Languages and Dialects

Verify candidates in almost any language.

Identity checks made easy.

Our seamless three-step verification process requires just a few clicks on desktop or mobile:

  • Candidates receive an email for selected background checks. A secure, encrypted link initiates the verification process.
  • Candidates consent and upload identification documents. With a few clicks, IDs are verified through scans and a selfie.
  • A detailed verification report is generated. Results are consolidated and sent to you for review.

FAQ's on Identity checks

Credibled’s ID verification service uses advanced biometric facial recognition technology to instantly verify someone’s identity. It works by matching a person’s government-issued ID document with a real-time selfie. To request an ID verification, all you need is the person’s name and email address.
Our ID verification check matches a real-time selfie with identification documents. The report will confirm the name, date of birth, address, document type, issuing country, and expiry date of their identification documents.
To request an ID verification, you only need the person’s name and email address. The candidate will need access to a mobile phone or desktop computer with a camera and one piece of identification, such as a passport or driver’s license.

Our simple and secure 3-step identity verification process is completed in just a few clicks via mobile or desktop:

  • A secure, encrypted link is emailed to your candidate.
  • The candidate consents and uploads photos of their ID and a selfie with a few clicks.
  • Automated prompts guide the candidate, and pre-filled data ensures the process takes minutes. The results are sent back to you as part of the report.
The ID verification process is designed to be fast and efficient, typically taking just a few minutes to complete once the candidate has received the secure link.
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