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The Problems we Solve

Streamline Your Hiring Challenges with Credibled

The modern hiring landscape is fraught with challenges that can hinder the rapid and secure onboarding of talent. Here’s how Credibled addresses the most pressing of these hurdles:

🔍 Inconsistent Background Check Quality: Traditional background checks can vary in quality and thoroughness, leaving potential gaps in a candidate’s profile.
  • Solution: Credibled’s precision-driven approach ensures a consistent, comprehensive, and accurate background check every time.
Time-Consuming Verifications: Lengthy background verifications can stall your hiring process, potentially costing you top talent.
  • Solution: Credibled’s “Autopilot” mode accelerates the verification process, getting candidates through the door faster without compromising on detail.
📑 Complexity in Verification Processes: Manual and multi-step verification processes are not just tedious but are prone to errors.
  • Solution: Our automated, yet tailored, verification process reduces manual intervention, minimizing the chances of oversight and mistakes.
🌍 Varying Global Standards: Hiring on a global scale introduces varied standards and requirements for background checks.
  • Solution: Credibled’s checks are adaptable and comprehensive, tailored to meet both local and international standards.
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Rapid Results, Automated Approach. No More Bottlenecks in Background Verification.


Taking a Deep Dive into Trust:
Unveiling Our Eight Essential Background Checks.

Enhanced Canadian Criminal Record Check

US Based Criminal

US Single County Criminal

US Unlimited County Criminal


Instant Education Verification

Credential Verification

Accelerating Your Path to the Right Hire with Automated Checks.

Integrate with Credibled

Integration Opportunities: Seamless Background Checks Within Your Workflow

Seamless API

Seamless API Integration

Unleash the power of Credibled’s background checks directly within your software. Our robust and versatile API ensures easy embedding and a seamless user experience.

ATS & HR System Compatibility

If you’re utilizing an Applicant Tracking System or any HR platform, we’ve got you covered. Our plug-and-play integration solutions mean no extensive coding, no headaches, just efficient background checks at your fingertips.
custom integration

Custom Integration Opportunities

Got a unique platform or an unconventional workflow? Our team of experts is on standby to help tailor an integration solution that’s just right for you. Let’s collaborate and innovate together.


Really great resource. Simplified for the masses. Highly recommend
The Holbrowns

Why Choose Credibled?

Pioneering Precision

David's Precision in a Goliath World. As a nimble startup, we bring you pinpoint accuracy in our checks, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Swift Yet Thorough

Your time is precious. With our innovative technology, we expedite the background check process without compromising on thoroughness.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you're a budding startup or an established enterprise, our suite of eight diverse checks caters to varying roles and industries.

Transparent Process

Empower candidates with transparency. Our platform provides clear insights into the verification journey, keeping everyone informed.

Award-Winning Leadership

With accolades like Canada’s Profit 100 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year nominations, our leadership is recognized for its commitment to excellence.

Seamless Integration

Run background checks effortlessly with our API, integrating directly into your ATS or other applications, optimizing the verification experience.

Committed to Fairness

We're not just about background checks; we're about creating opportunities. Our commitment is to reduce biases and help you find the best talent, irrespective of their background.

A Partner in Your Growth

We believe in fostering long-term relationships. Our mission is to help you make informed hiring decisions, ensuring the growth and success of your organization.

Where Simplicity Meets Excellence.
Onboard seamlessly, and hire the best. Ready to join the journey?

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