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“Who Is Credibled For?”: Insights into an Automated Reference Checking Software

“The truth will set you free: believability will give you credibility.”

– Garrison Wynn

Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in. Keeping this in mind, Credibled was created with the goal to bring credibility and honesty to the forefront of recruitment. Over the past two years, the hiring process has evolved. Now, companies can hire talent from any part of the world. This makes evaluating the candidate tough; here’s where Credibled comes in, checks and verifies everything for you.

Credibled was founded by highly experienced recruiting industry leaders. It was created with a vision to provide cost-effective, automated reference checking solutions. The system is designed to make the recruitment process simple, fast, accurate, and reliable for both recruiters and employers.

The simplicity of the automated reference checking process is a vital feature that makes it easy for all parties to use. Candidates, as well as referees, benefit from the streamlined and secure process. All they have to do is enter the required information into the system. From there the result is presented to whoever requested or initiated the reference check.

This seamless process is what makes Credibled one of the best software to use for reference checking. Let’s take an in-depth look at the services Credibled provides as well as who it will benefit, and how it can improve your recruitment process

Computer automated reference checking

With Credibled you can securely hire talent, no matter which part of the world the candidate is in.

What Is the Meaning of ‘Credibled’?

When anybody has credibility, it means they have been verified and that they are good and trustworthy. Although “Credibled” is not a real word, it is meant to sound like the past tense of “credible” – thereby implying that the candidate has been proven to be trustworthy. This would also mean that the verification or reference checking has been completed, showing that a person is genuine.

Behind Credibled, we have the founder of Pure Staffing Solutions, Brad Semotiuk, who has over 20 years of experience in the field. With this knowledge, the software is designed considering what the recruiters and employers need to streamline the hiring process.

"Being right doesn’t mean you win. You win by establishing credibility, a relationship, and trust."

- David Brock, American Author

Who Can Avail of These Services?

While this reference checking software would be greatly advantageous to recruitment agencies as well as employers, it is simple enough for everyone to use. From the creation or selection of the questionnaire for industry-specific reference checks to the referee’s response, every step is easy to understand and use. 

Credibled is a web application that can be accessed through any device with a web browser. This makes it convenient for all parties using the software as they can access it from wherever they are. All you have to do is select a questionnaire, enter the candidate information, and click on the send request button.

The world has become a lot smaller in the wake of globalization and digitalization. As a result, many are employing off-shore candidates or employing people to work from home all over the world. Therefore, Credibled gives recruiters or employers a better opportunity to conduct the reference checking process without having to coordinate or sacrifice excess time. 

Instead of relying on traditional means of reference checking like having to call the person, our service offers a unique convenience. It allows you to conduct all sorts of reference checking, no matter which part of the world the candidate is in.

Lead generation is a unique feature that will give you access to passive candidates as well as potential job orders.

Man doing automated reference checking

What are the Key Features That Make This App Unique and Attractive?

Reference checking and Lead generation are the main features of Credibled. The simplicity of the automated aspect of the reference checking process is a key feature. After the candidate enters the information about the referees, an email is sent inviting them to answer a customized questionnaire. The referee may choose to decline or accept this invitation through an email link. Their response is then reported to the employer who can view the information and download it, if needed.

Lead generation is a unique and attractive feature at the end of a reference check. After completing the questionnaire, referees will be asked if anyone they know is interested in hiring people or if the referee is looking for a job. This is a way for recruiting companies to get potential job orders and attract passive candidates that are present across job boards. Both recruiting companies and employers of any kind can take advantage of lead generation.

The Credibled team places user experience on high priority and is dedicated to growing and enhancing the automated reference checking software. Users can also look forward to exciting new developments and features like self-verification and criminal background checks that are undergoing development and will soon be made available in the future.