7 Reasons Employee Engagement Surveys are a Great Idea

Employee Engagement Surveys give you valuable information

7 Reasons Employee Engagement Surveys are a Great Idea

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

- Francis of Assisi, Italian friar

Happy employees make for a happy company; a well known fact amongst company leaders and business owners. This begs the question, how confident are you that your employees are happy where they are? How confident are you that they will stay with you for the long run? This is why you need to conduct employee engagement surveys on a regular basis. These surveys will help you by giving you valuable insights and information about your employees that you may not be able to get otherwise.

In this blog, we will go over the advantages and reasons why you should consider putting employee engagement surveys to use. So, without delay, let’s jump into it!

#1: Employee Engagement Surveys Give Your Employees a Voice

There is a reason why surveys work better than face-to-face meetings most of the times. There is not human element, so it feels a little less confrontational when giving negative feedback. This makes it more likely that someone will be more honest in a survey. Employee engagement surveys help employees voice their opinions more freely and give you insight that you might not gain otherwise.

#2: Better Communication and a Positive Workspace

Providing a medium for employees to express themselves gives them a sense of empowerment.  By encouraging them to speak up for or against certain things in the workspace, makes for a non-threatening environment. Ultimately this allows them to communicate better with management and the overall impact of that is positive.

Employee Engagement Surveys help you identify and rectify issues early on
Employee engagement surveys provide valuable information that allows you to identify trends before they become problems.

#3 With Employee Engagement Surveys Privacy is Maintained

The beauty of a survey is that it can be anonymous. Ever notice how much easier it is to voice a strong opinion when you don’t have to worry about people knowing it was you? Well, the same principle applies here. Anonymous employee engagement surveys help create an atmosphere where you get more honest feedback for this reason.

#4 Get Down to the Truth

Regardless of tirelessly you work to maintain a even perspective and give your employee a fair work environment, you won’t really know the ground reality. As a member of upper management, it will be a whole different experience than that of employees who have their boots on the ground every day. So, in order to know if your efforts are working, you need that unbiased and honest feedback.

#5 Build a Better Benefits Program with Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee engagement surveys allow you, the employer, to find out what kind of benefits the employees actually would like. Instead of wasting time, money and resources on things that they don’t want nor need, take a moment to collect this data. You can thereby create a benefits program that is more employee-centric, which in turn leads to happier employees.

Another added benefit along the same line of thought is that you might be able to identify motivational factors. What drives employees to perform better and feel happier? Is it benefits, recognition, an opportunity to advance their careers or all of the above?

"Treat employees like partners, and they act like partners."

- Fred Allen, American Comedian

#6 Boost Employee Loyalty with Employee Engagement Surveys

Employee retention is part of the reason why companies do and should worry about satisfaction levels.  You might be able to increase employee loyalty within your organization by engaging in meetings where they can contribute something to the business through these surveys.

Not only can these employee engagement surveys lead to loyalty, but they can also help build trust. When they know that the management cares about them enough to shape policies around their needs, they know that this is a trustworthy company.

#7 See Trends Before They Become Problems

The advantage of having so much unbiased and raw information on your hands is you have the ability to see through the smoke. You can extrapolate this information and recognize trends even before they become an issue. This can help you improve your internal operations, work atmosphere and many other things. Proactiveness beats reactivity any day.