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Ways to Make the Recruitment Process More Efficient

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” -Winston S. Churchill

Recruiting for a vacancy in your company can be a long, tiring, and expensive process. On average, it would take the company over a month to fill a position and would cost a lot. In certain cases organizations can not spare that much time or money dedicated to hiring new employees. Due to these factors, it is very important to review your recruitment process and employ more effective ways to make hiring more efficient.

To improve your recruiting process, take a look at these effective methods that will help you use the right tools and leverage existing resources.

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An Applicant Tracking System can help employers decide which resource is worthy of more attention

Unnecessary details in a job description can drastically narrow the talent pool for the position you are recruiting for. Try to avoid adding information like secondary responsibilities and other such details. People are less likely to apply for jobs if they don’t meet the criteria requested in the job description.

These extra details will prolong your candidate search, costing additional time and resources.  A narrowed talent pool will also bring more issues. It will become difficult to hire a diverse and inclusive team that reflects your community and the customers you serve.

"Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning."

-Robert Kiyosaki, American Businessman

Make Use of an Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruiters to keep track of applications over the course of the hiring process. It is the most important element to have for an efficient recruitment process. From the initial applications to offer letters, it will keep track of everything and automate communications so that candidates do not get lost in the system.

An ATS can also help you identify where the majority of your applicants have come from- be it your website’s career page, social media, or job boards. This can help an employer decide which resource is worthy of more attention and which they can pull back on.

A referral reward program works well to encourage candidate recommendation

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Turn to Your Current Employees to Enhance the Recruitment Process

Engaging your current workforce when it comes to recruitment is a no-cost strategy and has the potential to yield amazing results. Employees that have been working for the company for a while are valuable assets as they know the team and understand what sort of recruit would fill the position perfectly.

Getting employees to help with recruitment is very easy. All you have to do is provide them with a social-media friendly job description and an engaging image. Tapping into your employees social media networks will increase your chances of receiving applications from quality candidates.

A referral reward program will encourage candidate recommendation. Set guidelines around these awards to ensure your employees are compensated for solid recommendations and quality hires. Wiring several months after the hire date to reward the employee for their referral is one way to gain better recruits.

Decide on the Type of Candidate Before Beginning the Recruitment Process

Being decisive about where to source candidates from will determine the speed at which you can recruit the required person. In the case you are looking for candidates that are early in their career, social media is a great place to begin with a proper recruiting strategy. In the case of experienced candidates, they might be more accessible through traditional job boards.

Identifying the right tools and resources you need to begin your recruitment process will make it easier to connect with the ideal candidate sooner. The key to this strategy is to find out where the passive job seekers are prior to launching your recruitment efforts.

Turn to Credibled’s Automated Reference Checking Solution

In an organization, HR staff and recruiters are fully equipped to source and interview potential candidates. At some point in the process the hiring managers will also have to interview the candidate. This requires them to have an understanding of the best practices for assessing qualifications.

For this issue, we present to you a one-stop solution to hiring top quality candidates efficiently. This solution is automated reference checking, namely Credibled, which is simple and easy to use for employers, candidates and referees. The Credibled app is a fast and accurate system that helps you make informed hiring decisions with industry-leading turnaround time.

Credibled uses a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to give you an unmatched verification experience. This means that you can easily start building your recruitment process on our platform effortlessly and execute background checks faster, easier and more accurately.