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Receive your RCMP background verifications in just minutes for only $20

Credibled background verifications are not suitable for Vulnerable Sector Checks. For inquiries regarding vulnerable sector checks, please contact your local police service.

The Credibled automated reference-checking process is simple to use for employers, candidates, and referees. This ensures a good experience for all. The speed at which Credibled reference checks are completed helps employers win the race to secure top talent.

Why Should Individuals Opt for Online Police Verifications / Criminal Background Verifications?

In Canada, 53% of employers carry out criminal background verifications and online police checks on potential candidates during the recruitment process. If you’re seeking a position that mandates a criminal background verification or if you’re simply curious about your own record, you’ve come to the right spot.

With Credibled, you can access your criminal background verification online in just 15 minutes. We source secure and precise data from an RCMP accredited agency, ensuring both you and potential employers receive comprehensive details. Moreover, we strictly adhere to all security and privacy standards, guaranteeing the utmost protection of your rights and personal information.

'Credibled' Process

Enter Your Personal Details

This involves providing your legal name, contact details, date of birth, gender, and birthplace.

Submit Payment Information

Complete your online criminal background verification payment using Credibled’s secure payment options.

Get Results in Your Inbox

Expect your findings within 15 minutes, and you’re good to go with Credibled!

A Reliable Service Partner with Credibled.

Our Services

Credibled was founded by highly-experienced recruiting-industry leaders to provide cost-effective, automated reference checking solutions.

Employment Verification

Trust, but verify. We provide accurate job history validation for ultimate peace of mind.

Identity Verification

Safeguard your company's interests by confirming the true identity of your applicants.

Background Check

Leave no stone unturned. Our comprehensive screening covers Canada and the US, ensuring a safe workplace.


Beyond hard skills, assess the soft skills that truly make a candidate shine in their role and company culture.

Social Media Check

Peek behind the digital curtain to analyze online profiles, ensuring candidate suitability and spotting potential red flags.

Instant Education Verification

No more waiting! Our rapid degree and course validation secures only the most qualified candidates.

Credibled's user-friendly platform and automation streamline operations, freeing up time for strategic initiatives and exceptional client service.
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You’ll need to provide your legal name, contact details, date of birth, gender, and birthplace. The process is quick and takes about 5 minutes.
You can expect your results to be delivered to your inbox within 15 minutes.
Absolutely! We prioritize your security and use secure payment options to ensure the safety of your transaction.
No, Credibled’s background verifications are not suitable for Vulnerable Sector Checks. For such checks, please contact your local police service.
Credibled offers a fast, reliable, and secure service. We source data from an RCMP accredited agency and adhere strictly to security and privacy standards, ensuring your rights and personal information are always protected.