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Automated Reference check for Recruiters

Boost Efficiency and Trust in Your Hiring Process with Our Streamlined Web Application

In the time-sensitive race to secure top talent, Credibled allows you to make fast, accurate, and informed hiring decisions.

Credibled was founded by highly-experienced recruiting-industry leaders to provide cost-effective, automated reference checking solutions. Our leadership team has won various awards such as Canada’s Profit 100, Globe & Mail Growth List, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year multi-year nominations, and numerous ‘ACSESS awards for Community Service’. We have utilized reference checking services ourselves and felt that there is drastic room for improvement. We took our prior experience to develop an industry-leading software solution. In the fierce race to secure top talent, Credibled enables you to win the battle with transparent, accurate, and accelerated reference checks.



80% of automated reference checks are done on a mobile device, so we know that our platform needs to be compatible and user-friendly.

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Fast and responsive
  • Working across different platforms
credibled automated reference checking software

Fraud detection

Approximately 40% of candidates provide false or misleading
information during the hiring process (Korn Ferry research). At
Credibled, we prioritize trust and accuracy, utilizing robust
fraud detection features to address this issue effectively.

Professional Email Verification: Validate provided email
addresses for enhanced reference authenticity.

IP Address: We detect potential unusual activity if the
candidate and referee access Credibled from the same IP
address, raising awareness of the possibility of self-completed

Smart questionnaire builder

Our Smart Questionnaire Builder empowers employers to create tailored questionnaires for referees, streamlining the reference check process.

  • Smart Algorithm: Pre-populates industry, job title, and competency-based questionnaires, saving time and ensuring relevance.
  • Categories: Essential, Personal Attributes, and Role-specific questions for comprehensive evaluations.
  • Customization: Add your own questions anytime for personalized questionnaires.
  • Question Types: Text and rating-based options for flexibility.

With Credibled, employers can create multiple questionnaires to suit their unique needs, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to reference checks.


Seamless communication

At Credibled, we prioritize seamless communication and ensure an efficient workflow among all parties involved in the reference check process: the employer, candidate, and referee.

Efficient Workflow:

  • Automated Reminders: Timely reminders for candidates and referees.
  • Referee Decline Notification: Promptly inform candidates to add alternate referees.
  • PDF Result Export: Convenient email delivery of completed references to employers.

Unlock Hidden Talent and Clients with our Lead Generation

Expend your Candidate and client pool

Credibled’s lead generation feature presents additional forms to referees after completing the
reference questionnaire. This enables businesses to identify potential job seekers and
discover potential clients
, maximizing business opportunities. Requesters receive email
notifications with lead information for timely follow-up, ensuring prompt action and effective
lead management.

Lead-generation Credibled

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Streamline Recruitment Operations.
Credibled's user-friendly platform and automation streamline operations, freeing up time for strategic initiatives and exceptional client service.

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